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The Dent family invites you to partner with them and share in the vision of peaceful and rural living at Gentle Landings.

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The vision for Gentle Landings started in 1982 in rural Roberta, GA. Lifelong residents, Otha and Margie Dent, wanted an airstrip and an aircraft hangar. Otha, a captain for Delta Air Lines (retired 1997) got his start as a pilot in the U.S. Army having flown Cessna O1 Birddogs in Vietnam.


The existing airpark lies on 120 picturesque acres of the old Rigdon Family Farm, hence the main entrance to the airpark is along Rigdon Road. Construction of the runway began in 1982 and lasted for several years with Otha manning the large construction equipment mainly himself. The grass runway construction continued throughout the late 1980’s making the runway 3500’ x 125’.


In 1991, a large red and white three bay hangar was built. The local flight school Dent Aviation was born in 1993. This flight school was started in an effort to teach pilots in the Middle Georgia area and to enable flight experience for Otha’s sons Kelly and Michael. Dent Aviation branched out to include instruction in Perry and Thomaston, Georgia in the mid to late 1990s.


In 1997, the initial vision was expanded to include a development of an airpark with a peaceful two-acre fishing pond and wooded trails for aviation enthusiasts, their homes and aircraft hangars. Lots were created with paved roads (which are also the taxiways) to include city water, city sewage, and all underground utilities.


Get to Know the Developers

Otha Dent

Otha Dent was involved in Army ROTC at University of Georgia. When he graduated from UGA, he was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army.  In 1966, he went to flight school in Fort Rucker, Alabama and he served our country in the Vietnam War.

Margie Dent

Otha and Margie met in Kindergarten in the small town of Roberta, Georgia. They were friends in grade school and started dating in high school. Both Otha and Margie graduated from University of Georgia. They were married in 1965.

He was hired as a Second Officer on the Convair 880.  Shown here, Margie is in a DC9 Simulator when Otha was checking out at Captain for the first time.

In 1982, Otha and Margie purchased the Gentle Landings property and began clearing the property. Both were committed to raising their three boys with a love of nature and aviation.

Kelly and Michael Dent

Two of the Dent’s sons, Kelly and Michael, are both major airline pilots. Kelly works for Delta and Michael works for Southwest.

Kelly and Michael Dent have a vision for the future of Gentle Landings that honors the framework of the airpark that was set in place by their parents Otha and Margie back in 1993.

As stated by Kelly, “We envision our airpark being a supportive community of fellow aviators and their families that enjoy the love of flying and seek to live in a quiet rural Georgia atmosphere. Our airpark will envelop a sense of community by offering access to a two-acre fishing pond, wooded walking trails, and a common gathering area.”

Kelly and Robin Dent

Kelly and Robin Dent are thankful for the time they have been able to spend at Gentle Landings with their children.

Robin says, “When we fly into Gentle Landings, I know that the whole family will have time to connect with nature and with each other. We put down our phones and pick up a fishing pole. The memories we are making here are priceless!”

Michael and Vickie Dent

Michael and Vicki Dent make family time a priority. One way they manage to stay close during busy times is through regular getaways to Gentle Landings. “Whether we fly in for a weekend or a whole week, it is always a time to enjoy one another and slow down together.”

The Dent Family

The Dent Family continues to enjoy the beauty of Georgia and the convenience of a fly-in community. For aviators who are looking for a place to pass on the legacy of flying or for families who want a location to escape, The Dent Family invites you to consider Gentle Landings.

Get to Know the Dents

An Aviator's Family

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